Coastal Tours


After the success of our tour with the coastal community of Granton, we have started to develop more tours along the coast of Edinburgh and its surroundings. These tours pay attention to the ways in which we know the coast, historically as well as today, paying attention to coastal communities as well as biodiversity in the intertidal zone, such as birds and seaweeds.

Please note that not all stops are close to Edinburgh city centre and so do take this into account when planning to do the tours, some might not fit into one day but can be divided over a few days. There are good public transport links along the coast, e.g. bus to Cramond, bus or train towards North Berwick, Dunbar or Fife. The Isle of May and Bass Rock can be visited via the Seabird Centre (please book in advance as often sold out) or via organised tours from Anstruther in Fife.

File:Coastal East Lothian , The Sands Of North Berwick Bay - - 2407790.jpgEast Lothian Coastline
Along the Southern shore of the Firth of Forth there is a plethora of natural and cultural heritage embedded in fascinating coastal communities. Taken either as a multi-stage walk or a number of day-trips, this tour showcases some of the more hidden treasures the East Lothians have to offer.
Birding Trail
Even in an urban environment, we can see thriving wildlife when we’re careful to be aware of the living things around us. Edinburgh and its surrounding areas are a particularly interesting environment for birds, and encompass many sites for birdwatching, particularly along the seashore.
From behind, ladies in swimsuits and caps wading into a blue-grey ocean.Tidal Pool Tour
Tidal pools are natural sea pools that fill with seawater on an ebbing tide. What makes them different from rockpools is that they also have a manmade element like metal steps or a cement wall. They’re an inspiring symbol of how communities have worked with their environment to create secluded swimming spaces that can be enjoyed by everyone!
The Curious Edinburgh concept is so popular it is being copied in other towns and cities, including Curious St Andrews. Developed by colleagues from St Andrews University it showcases the history of The Royal Burgh of St Andrews which located on the east coast of Fife. From Edinburgh, St. Andrews can be reached by train and bus.
In collaboration with the RSE Young Academy of Scotland we have created an interactive Coastal Knowledge Map which allows everyone to share their knowledge and experiences of the Scottish coast. Please share your coastal stories, pictures or artworks. The map is accompanied by a series of podcast on the Scottish Coast on topics ranging from wildlife preservation to seaweed, golf and archaeology.