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Longniddry EH32 0QB 

Wooden bridge crossing grass and marshy waters with a blue sky and trees in the distance. The sign in front reads "Aberlady Bay - Local Nature Reserve - No Dogs Thank You."
The Aberlady Bay Local Nature Reserve
©Mat Fascione, Geograph

In 1952, Aberlady Bay was the first site to be designated a Nature Reserve in the UK. Its great variety of habitats, from low water to salt marsh and sand dunes, makes it an important breeding site for the local bird life, as well as migrants. As in most of the sites covered in this tour, the birds that you may be able to spot differ according to the season. In autumn, Aberlady Bay is the wintering ground of over 30,000 pink-footed geese migrating from Iceland up to the coasts of South Europe and North Africa. Passerines such as Wheatears, Whitethroats, and Blackcaps also nest on site, along with species of waders like the Redshank or the Lapwing. 

Profile photo of a brown bird with a red beak legs standing on a wooden posted against a green background.
A Redshank
©Andreas Trepte, Wikimedia Commons
A Pink-footed Goose
©Iwolfartist, Wikimedia Commons


The Scottish Ornithologists’ Club; RSPB (Edinburgh Area Local Group)

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