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Shorthope Street, Musselburgh EH21 

Stone bridge spanning a river and green grass walkway with buildings and trees in the background.
River Esk Mouth in Musselburgh
©Musselburgh District Angling Association

Running through Midlothian and East Lothian, the River Esk ends in the neighbouring city of Musselburgh. The mouth of the River Esk is a good place to spot groups of swans, Canada geese, gulls, Goldeneyes, Mergansers, and Goosanders. Spanning from the city centre of Musselburgh (‘Store’ Footbridge) to the seashore, the walk ends with a view over Edinburgh and the bay.

White swan with an orange beak floating in dark blue waters.
A Mute Swan
©Yerpo, Wikimedia Commons

Especially at low tide, many waders breeding at the nearby Lagoons can be seen feeding. Between mid-summer and early autumn, up to 200 Mute Swans gather here on their migrating journey.

Profile photo of a white and black duck with a green head and yellow eye floating in dark waters.
A male Common Goldeneye in winter plumage
©Stefan Berndtsson, Wikimedia Commons


Individual Researcher Walk; East Lothian Council

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