Jun 142024

8 W Braes, Pittenweem, Anstruther KY10 2PT 

Pittenweem Tidal Pool ©Welcome to Fife

Just a five-minute drive from St Monans you’ll find Pittenweem, a picturesque fishing village in the East Neuk of Fife. East Neuk is the Scots work for ‘Corner’ or ‘Nook,’ and this part of Scotland’s coastline is full of nooks and crannies. A tidal pool is nestled along one rocky shore. It’s designed in an amphitheatre style with steps built into the surrounding rocks, making it perfect for families looking out for children in the water. At the cliff-top entrance to the tidal pool you’ll find a hut where you can buy tea and cake, as well as an information board with recent wildlife sightings. It’s common to see seals, seabirds and even dolphins from this spot on the coast!

Pittenweem Tidal Pool ©Allan McBain

The pool was restored as part of the West Braes project which fixed a breach in the wall and replaced a broken valve. It’s this continued community action that keeps it clean and accessible. The Pittenweem team have been particularly ingenious with their fundraising efforts and created a mini golf course to help raise money. During your visit, collect a club and ball for a few pounds which goes to the upkeep of this local sanctuary. 


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