Jun 142024

92 Lower Granton Rd, Edinburgh EH5 1ER 

Coastline with people wading in at low tide; rock walkway in the foreground and buildings against a blue sky in the background.
Wardie Bay ©Visit Scotland

Arrive at Wardie Bay via a scenic walk, taking in the sights and sounds of the coastal path. The sheltered positioning of this beach is because it was manmade, probably not long after the construction of nearby Granton Harbour. This area is rich in wildlife, so look out for seabirds including gulls, guillemots, and oystercatchers. There are even occasional sightings of seals on the rocks here!

Photo taken from behind, ladies in swimsuits, caps, and gloves wading into a blue-grey ocean with clouds above and an island in the distance.
Wardie Bay Wild Ones ©Simon Williams

Wardie Bay has been recognised for its outstanding nature and in 2023 it was designated as Scottish Bathing Water, meaning samples will regularly be taken to monitor the water quality. Locals play their part in protecting and improving the quality of the water here too as it’s become an increasingly popular swimming spot with its own community group, Wardie Bay Wild Ones, who meet throughout the year. With a gentle slope into the water, this beach is perfect for easing yourself into winter swimming.  


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