Feb 212024

57 Abbeyhill, Edinburgh EH8 8DZ 

Profile photo of a tan, black, and white bird, with red on the face and yellow on the wing, perched on a branch.
A European Goldfinch
©Francis C. Franklin, Wikimedia Commons

Just in front of the Holyrood Palace gardens, this nest box is among many in Edinburgh and may be easily missed as you walk to the nearby Holyrood Palace or Scottish Parliament. But take a break on your walk and take note! This is a great place to witness some garden birds such as the European goldfinch, the Bullfinch, the Robin, the Chaffinch or the Blue Tit. As you walk in Edinburgh, try to spot some of these garden birds. 

Profile photo of a navy and light blue bird with a salmon colored chest perched on a branch.
A male Bullfinch
©Francis C. Franklin, Wikimedia Commons


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