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Cramond Beach, Cramond, Edinburgh EH4 6NU 

Shoreline with green foliage on the left, multiple people walking on tan, rocky sand, and a protruding dock going far into the water.
Cramond Beach
©Graeme Yull, Geograph

The Cramond Shore, up until the Silverknowes Beach, is a great place to observe many waders during low tide, and even occasionally Common Shelducks. During high tide, it is also interesting to witness some winter visitors like the Red-throated Diver.

A white, tan, and black duck with a dark head and bright red beak.
A Common Shelduck
©Dick Daniels, Wikimedia Commons
A grey, brown, and orange bird alongside a brown baby bird.
A Red-throated Diver with chick
©David Karnå, Wikimedia Commons


Individual Researcher Walk; RSPB (Edinburgh Area Local Group)

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