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Flotterstone, Edinburgh, Penicuik EH26 0PR 

Hilly landscape with blue river, green trees, and cloudy sky.
View over Glencorse from Flotterstone
©Walkhighlands, Wikimedia Commons

Located south of Edinburgh, the Pentland Hills Regional Park is a good area to get a glimpse of the Scottish mountains wildlife without going to the Highlands. Along the hiking paths, especially from Flotterstone, you can hear – and perhaps see – some Pheasants, as well as the Red Grouse, an endemic species to the Scottish mountains. Along the few lochs and reservoirs in the park, such as Threpmuir, you can spot some hunting birds like the Cuckoo, Skylarks or Peregrine Falcons. You might also see waders breeding such as the Curlew and the Common Sandpiper. 

Profile photo of a brown bird with black eyes and red eyebrows standing in dry grass.
A Scottish Red Grouse
©MPF, Wikimedia Commons


Individual Researcher Walk; RSPB (Edinburgh Area Local Group)

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