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SIte of Scottish Naval and Military Academy.Caledonian Hotel, Princes Street, Edinburgh EH1 2AB

The Scottish Naval and Military Academy, founded 1825, trained young gentlemen for the British and East India Company’s forces, and, from 1829, shared with the Riding School a new building on Lothian Road opposite Castle Terrace (now the Caledonian Hotel). From high poetic texts James Ballantyne taught ‘Persian, Hindoostanee and Arabic’, 1832-45 before becoming Superintendent of Benares College. At its peak over 100 students learned things like ‘the chief cities of Hindoostan’ or, like Patrick Lindesay earned an Indian sword for ‘gentlemanly conduct’ and a medal for military drawing. The school was demolished for railway use in the early 1860s.

Portrait of James Ballantyne, circa 1845, by Hill and Adamson.

Portrait of James Ballantyne, circa 1845, by Hill and Adamson.


Patrick Lindesay's Indian style sword of honour, awarded for 'Gentlemanly Conduct', 1833.

Patrick Lindesay’s Indian style sword of honour, awarded for ‘Gentlemanly Conduct’, 1833.


Robert Pope's Medal for French and Hindustani.

Robert Pope’s Medal for French and Hindustani.

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  1. i am looking for Alexander Ross walker son of james walker. Alexander was a ship captain

    • Hello,

      A quick look through the online records at the National Library of Scotland brings up that name in association with naval records, so that may be a good place for you to start looking.

      Best of luck!

  2. II am looking for information on John McDouall Stuart, particularly any images. He attended the school, emigrated to Australia and went on to become Australia’s most famous explorer (from Adelaide to theArafura Sea and return). Thank you.

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