Jan 152019
Photograph of the exterior of Granton Castle's Walled Garden
The wall, please walk along this stretch and view Social Bite village and Granton Gasworks

Path, Caroline Park Avenue, Edinburgh EH5 1QJ

With the building of Granton Harbour in the mid 1800s, the Duke of Buccleuch saw great financial opportunity with land either being leased or sold off for commercial and industrial development in the area. As a result, the Castle became neglected and by the mid 18th century it was already described as being in a ruinous state. Following the First World War, the Castle was bought in 1928 by a quarrying company Bain and Brown who demolished it to quarry the stone underneath it, but left sections of the wall in place. The Walled Garden survived and was bought by John Smith, market gardener and the business stayed in the family until 2005 when it was sold to the City of Edinburgh Council. Friends of Granton Castle Walled Garden are now working to ensure that this beautiful community asset is safeguarded for the future.

Black and white engraving of the ruins of Granton Castle in the 19th century
The castle already lying in ruins in the 19th century
Photograph of the Social Bite village with the Gas Works behind it
The new Social Bite village in the shadows of the Gas Works. Photo from the John Dickson collection
Close-up photograph of a section of the Granton Castle Walled Garden
Detail of Granton Castle Walled Garden. Photo from the Gina Fierlafijn Reddie collection
Painting, titled "Granton Castle Walled Garden" by Harry Mafuji
The walled garden by Harry Mafuji

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  1. Hello could you add a photo taken last night of new mural in place to highlight the new mural in place to help identify the historic footprint of Granton Castle and brighten up a previously derelict looking bit of old corrugated iron? I can send to you via e-mail and also a beautiful pen and ink drawing by the Edinburgh Sketcher of the outside of the doocot. Please note the previous cycletrack through the Social Bite Village is for the residents use and closed off so walkers and cyclists are redirected around both sides with two paths now in place of one.

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