Jan 152019
Image of Granton Sqaure today, a non-descript assortment of buildings

Granton Square today

Granton Square, Edinburgh EH5 1HA

The first tramline in the Granton area dates from 1909. This system used a moving steel cable located just below the street, powered by stationary steam engines. The tramcars had no motors of their own – they moved when the driver – or ‘gripperman’ – used vice-like jaws to clamp the car to the moving cable. Granton Square was once a very busy tram terminus, with trams leaving Granton to travel throughout the city. The Edinburgh system was converted to electric operation between 1922 and 1924 and the tram routes were re-organised to give longer through-routes. Many remained largely unchanged until the end of tramway operation, in 1956, and some Lothian buses still follow the old tram routes.

Black and white photograph of Granton Square in 1955, with two trams running down the street

Edinburgh Trams No. 169 & 46 at Granton Square, 26 February, 1955

Black and white photograph of Granton Square with a tram in the foreground and a train and the harbour in the background

Granton Square with locomotive 68340 and harbour in the background

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