Apr 132024

W Harbour Rd, Cockenzie, Prestonpans, EH32 0HX

The 1722 Waggonway Project - History Scotland
Source: Ed Bethune, FSA Scot

Scotland’s first ever railway was built in 1722 connecting the harbour at Cockenzie with the nearby market town of Tranent, where coal was being mined. This followed a route used by a more simple wooden track since the 16th century. Alongside the fascinating story of the waggonway, the museum tells the history of the local area, especially the salt making, glass manufacturing, coal mining, as well as herring fishing from the Cockenzie and Port Seaton Harbours.

The Cockenzie Harbour is built on the site of a natural harbour, which was designated a free port by James VI in 1591. With excellent port facilities, the trade with Flanders, in the present day Belgium, and France was particularly strong. Today, the harbour is home to a small fleet of fishing vessels and pleasure crafts.

Cockenzie History http://www2.thesetonfamily.com:8080/gallery/Cockenzie_House_History.htm
1722 Wagonway Museum https://www.1722waggonway.co.uk/museum

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