Apr 132024

School Rd, North Berwick, EH39 4JU

Who We are — Coastal Communities Museum
Source: East Lothian Council

The Coastal Communities Museum is home to a varied set of collections and exhibitions, exploring and recounting the past and present life of the coastal communities in the North Berwick coastal ward. Local history starts 400 million years ago, when in a dramatic way the nearby extinct volcano, now a grass covered hill, the Law, was formed. North Berwick was a critical centre and port throughout the history, as it was the quickest way to connect the South East of Scotland with Fife peninsula to the North. Critically important was the ferry route to St Andrews, a major pilgrimage destination in medieval times.

More recently, the beautiful sandy beaches to the West and stunning cliffs to the South-East have been attracting numerous visitors to the town, especially since the construction of the railway line in the mid-19th century. North Berwick is also known as one of the earliest and premier centres for golf, having had established golfing groups since 18th century and one of the world’s oldest official golf clubs, formed in 1832.

Coastal Communities Museum  https://www.coastalmuseum.org/
History of Golf in North Berwick http://www.northberwick.org.uk/origins.html

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