Jun 222021

The Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, EH3 5NZ

Portrait of Dr. Aline Finger mounted on the grounds of the Royal Botanic Gardens, surrounded by trees
Dr. Aline Finger by Kerry Wilson; image by Chris Scott Photography

(No longer on display) Dr. Aline Finger is a conservation geneticist and molecular ecologist at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh. Her work focuses on the genetics and conservation of threatened plant species and supporting viable plant populations in the wild. Aline uses genetic and ecological methods to help maximize the success of conservation translocations, where species are moved into new environments to help their survival. By knowing the genetic make-up of these plants, Aline can reduce the chance for plant species to inbreed or detrimentally compete with each other. As a champion for rare plants in Scotland, Aline’s research identifies the risks for plant biodiversity in the face of environmental threats and helps inform policy to protect wild plants for future generations to enjoy.