Jun 222021

WHALE Arts, EH14 2SA

Large-scale painting of Talat Yaqoob on the side of the Whale Arts building
Talat Yaqoob
artwork by Kerry Wilson

Talat Yaqoob is an award-winning Scottish campaigner, writer, and activist working as an independent consultant in education, workplace equality, women’s rights, race equality and inclusion in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. With more than twelve years of experience in the third sector, she has extensive knowledge of campaigning, public affairs, political strategy and communications. Talat is the co-founder and chair of Women 5050, a national campaign striving for the equal and fair representation of all women in politics. Talat has also been involved in a wide range of campaigns, including the first national project on mental health and wellbeing for students in 2009, which is still running, and Pass the Mic, the first, and currently only, online list of women of colour commentators for the media, bringing under-represented experts into the spotlight to share their knowledge.

Jun 222021

Summerhall, EH9 1PL

Black and white portrait of Zarina Ahmed against a bright, tropical background
Zarina Ahmad by Shona Hardie; image by Chris Scott Photography

(No longer on display) After being told that “minorities are not interested in climate change,” Zarina Ahmad became dedicated to increasing participation and improving funding access for under-represented groups. Zarina proved that the issue wasn’t a lack of interest from minorities groups but rather a lack of awareness of the funding available for enthusiastic activists. As a result, she worked with the Scottish government to ensure targets for working with the minority sector on administering the Climate Change Fund (CCF), a fund to support community-led organisations to tackle climate change by reducing carbon emissions. By advocating for climate justice and race equality, and giving a voice to minorities, her work has led to over 140 successful applications to the CCF. By highlighting the need for women as well as people of all backgrounds and faiths to be involved in environmental world, Zarina is helping to bring forward climate justice for all people across Scotland.