Dec 182017

6 Millerfield Place, Edinburgh EH9 1LW6 Millerfield Place

6 Millerfield Place was the family home of Edinburgh’s most famous rabbi, Dr Salis Daiches, the father of literary scholar David Daiches. An immigrant himself, during his ministry from 1919 to 1945 he brought together recent arrivals and established residents, and built Salisbury Road Synagogue, which had room for approximately 2,000 worshippers. It remains home to the (now much smaller) Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation. At the end of this cul-de-sac is Sciennes Primary School. Until the founding of Calderwood Lodge Primary School in Glasgow in 1962 there was no Jewish school in Scotland. All Jewish children attended mainstream schools. From 1914 Hebrew classes were taking place in Sciennes School on weekday afternoons, the Education Board of the city offering the facilities of the school to the Jewish community free of charge.

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